At The Heights we pride ourself on high expectations of pupil behaviour. We have an embedded Behaviour Management policy which is based on rewards and consequences.

Pupils are rewarded for positive choices and we have a celebration assembly of achievement every Friday in assembly.

The Heights Respect Charter

We expect all students to respect the school charter. The principles of this charter include:

Respect Yourself

  • by taking pride in your appearance and your vocational uniform
  • by taking pride in the  work you complete
  • by accepting responsibility for your own behaviour

Respect Others

  • by treating others with consideration and politeness
  • by caring for others and their property
  • by being welcoming and friendly
  • by moving around the school in a safe and sensible manner

Respect Others

  • by arriving at lessons on time
  • by having all the correct equipment, resources needed
  • by listening carefully and following instructions
  • by working to the best of your ability

Respect The Environment

  • by respecting equipment,  resources, and the school in general
  • by using the litter bins provided

To view our Behaviour Policy in full please visit our Policies page

“The culture and ethos of the school encourages a caring and supportive environment in which learning and good behaviour can flourish.”