Programme Intent

All young people need a planned programme of activities both to help them choose appropriate pathways at 14 and 16 to enable them to manage their careers, career progression and sustain employability throughout their lives. At The Heights, Blackburn we aim to provide impartial Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) to support students’ transition, not only to further or higher education, vocational training or employment. We want students to ENGAGE in all activities and encounters, ENJOY their time partaking in activities and ACHIEVE their careers goals. The CEIAG Programme has been developed to engage parents and local employers, both in school and externally, to support our students in becoming employable and aspirational young people in accordance with the recommended Gatsby Benchmarks.

Nurture Primary (KS2) – ‘Explore’ – We believe discussing careers at an early stage allows pupils to develop ambition and future goals. By encouraging our KS2 pupils to explore various career pathways, we can introduce them to various worlds of work. This also encourages students to develop respect for other professions and feel inspired by their roles. This coincides with their thematic curriculum and enrichment as set out by the Nurture Provision.

Years 7 & 8 Nurture – ‘Discover’ – In Nurture, we aim to empower our students to make informed decisions about GCSE choices and post 16 choices. We strengthen their knowledge on working roles and rights including gender stereotypes in careers and minority groups within the working world. We broaden their horizons into looking towards the future and continue to encourage ambition and self-confidence. We discuss and provide opportunities for career skills development such as communication, CV writing and how to approach colleagues and/or employers with respect. We increase awareness of the variety of future job roles including pathways on attaining them such as university, college or apprenticeships. We also facilitate a growing awareness of self-esteem, self-care and physical/mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Year 9 – ‘Discover & Foundation’ – In Year 9 learners will continue to strengthen their knowledge on working roles and rights including gender stereotypes in careers and minority groups within the working world. We broaden their horizons into looking towards the future and continue to encourage ambition and self-confidence. Learners will be offered a number of opportunities including engagement activities with Employers & Post 16 Providers. We will support Learners in developing their knowledge of both Academic and Vocational Pathways, whilst preparing them to choose an appropriate educational pathway. In Year 9, Learners will continue to develop their own key skills needed for future employment or study.

Year 10 – ‘Foundation’ – At KS4, we ensure careers are embedded throughout the curriculum plans and daily teaching of both vocational areas and core subjects. We provide opportunities to engage and have meaningful encounters with employers. We facilitate students’ opportunities to experience both Foundational Education (college/apprenticeships) and Higher Education (University and beyond). We offer this by arranging enrichment visits to universities, colleges and workplaces. We also encourage growing links with local employers and are working towards developing further links where key employers come into school and discuss their roles and career pathway. Work Experience is offered to all Year 10 Learners to help them experience their future Careers choices.

Year 11 – ‘Decision Time / Recovery’ – In Year 11, we ensure students can make informed decisions to transition to their chosen post 16 options whether this is A levels, employment or further training such as apprenticeships. We provide opportunities for Social Action in order for students to contribute to society by completing charity work and work placements with local employers. We encourage and nurture skills such as CV writing, personal statement writing and how to search and apply for their next steps. We arrange assemblies with Foundational Educational and Higher Educational providers and arrange careers events both internally and externally. We complete an individualised plan for progression for each student including additional support for students with diverse learning and social needs. We provide support during interview processes for apprenticeships, colleges or employment. This also includes assisting students needing further inspiration into their future by attending career events, colleges and universities. We also provide additional recovery careers support for students who arrive at our provision later on in the academic year. This is to ensure that every student gains every opportunity for their future whilst at The Heights.

Careers Team

Learners at The Heights have access to impartial Information, Advice and Guidance, from dedicated members of staff who work closely with pupils on a day to day basis, from all levels of school leadership.

The School’s Designated Career Lead is Ross Doohan, who can be contacted either via email or phone.

If you are an employer or post 16 provider wishing to visit school, you can contact Mr Doohan on the email below, we also request any marketing material be sent to the below contact also:

Ross Doohan – Careers Lead

School Number: 01254 261655

The Careers Provision is overseen by Helen Morris (Assistant Headteacher) whose role is to support the Careers Lead in the Implementation and Intent of the Careers Programme alongside the wider Senior Leadership Team.

The Careers Team is supported by the School’s wider Pastoral & SEND Teams.

Level 6 Personal Careers Guidance (Gatsby Benchmark 8) is delivered by New Directions Advisor Janet Hope – Holden.

The Schools Careers & Personal Development Governor is Matthew O’Boyle, whose role is support and advice of the impact of the Careers Programme.

The Heights is lucky enough to have the support of a local Enterprise Advisor, Carolann Thompson of Qudos Consultancy Who’s role of Senior Talent Consultant brings a wealth of experience and knowledge as her role of Enterprise Advisor.

The Heights Careers Lead is supported by Inspira Enterprise Coordinator; Abigail Hough.

If you wish to contact the Careers Team regarding any general programme enquiries or wish to support the delivery of the programme, Please contact  and a member of the team will contact you.

“The culture and ethos of the school encourages a caring and supportive environment in which learning and good behaviour can flourish.”