We believe our GCSE Science programme provides our pupils with the foundations for understanding the world around them. Science is changing our lives and is vital that all our pupils should be taught essential aspects of the knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science. Using AQA Combined Synergy, we teach our pupils using approaches which help them develop curiosity about the natural world, insight into how science works, and appreciation of its relevance to their everyday lives. The scope and nature of study is broad and practical which encourages pupils to become inspired, motivated and challenged by the subject both present and future.

Our ELC programme allows learners to be able to access an AQA Entry Learning Certificate in Science across all three disciplines by completing three components per academic year. This alternative programme is for learners who have previously been or are unable to access Science at GCSE level for a number of reasons. The course strongly requires a practical approach whereby students need to plan and deliver several practical experiments under assessment circumstances.

Both of our Science courses enable pupils to

  • develop scientific knowledge and applicable scientific skills using the specific disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • develop confidence in answering analytical questions using scientific knowledge both written and verbally
  • develop and learn to apply observational, practical and problem-solving skills both as an individual and with others
  • develop and encourage a keen interest in science with future aspirations of moving into a scientific career post-16

GCSE Science Curriculum Map

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