Sport & Leisure and PE Curriculum
Statement of Intent

At The Heights, PE and Sport is embedded across the school through all key stages. Through our PE and Sport curriculum pupils will experience success, they will develop confidence and become responsible young adults who strive to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. We will achieve this by delivering a thorough and engaging sequence of theoretical and practical study building knowledge and an understanding of life skills and social skills through the context of sport.  PE and Sport at The Heights is delivered through My Personal Best (Core PE), and GCSE P.E.

Core PE

This is taught to pupils at The Heights through the Youth Sport trust programme of ‘My Personal Best’, with a termly focus on different personal characteristics alongside delivery of sporting skills.


The sport vocation is the most popular vocation choice at The Heights. Pupils study a wide range of units both theoretically and practically ranging from sports nutrition to reducing the risk of sporting injuries. This course provides a clear pathway to further education and careers in sport. 

Sports Leadership Level 1
This is taught to all pupils at The Heights. The course focuses on developing leadership skills, ultimately, pupils will be able to confidently deliver practical sessions to others.

We have established strong partnerships with the following organisations:

• Youth Sport Trust
• Blackburn Rovers Community Trust
• Blackburn Youth Zone
• Blackburn College
• Active Blackpool
Download the PE curriculum journey (PDF)

“The culture and ethos of the school encourages a caring and supportive environment in which learning and good behaviour can flourish.”