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This academic year the Heights Blackburn introduced an in-house newspaper called “The Heights Press” with support from freelance journalist Catherine Smyth (A journalist since 1988) students have been encouraged and supported to write articles for the paper.

The paper was submitted for the Shine 2019 school Media Award, and we are pleased to say it was short-listed for an award which was being held at the Stationer’s Hall in London on Monday 1st July 2019.

Two members of staff and two students who have been involved in the newspaper travelled down London for the awards.

We are pleased to say we came away with an award in the “Rising Stars” category which we were overjoyed to achieve.

Well done to all students who have written articles for the Newspaper and Catherine Smyth for her support. We are hoping more students get involved in the newspaper and next year we are looking forward to more awards for the work our students do.