School Assembly Programme

Our school assembly programme is one of the most important aspects of our school curriculum. It’s  a coming together of all our pupils and staff in one place for a shared purpose. That purpose is  to provide the opportunity for our young people to consider spiritual and moral issues, to develop community spirit and reinforce positive attitudes.

Monday morning assembly is particularly important, as it brings the whole school back together again after the weekend break, to re-focus upon the week in view, on its objectives and the tools that will be used to achieve them. Other assemblies during the week build on the standards that are set at the beginning of the week.

Staff reiterate the value of each individual pupil and the importance of  the community and the secure place of each pupil within the school. It’s also a reminder of the importance to each pupil and adult in  the school itself. Pupils are reminded of their positive worth, their place in the community so that they are focused, positive, calm, and ready to start. The school community starts from the individual pupil and the value of each one, and allows them to see their part in the school.

Our assembly programme is rich and varied and aims to:

  • heighten awareness of the needs of others
  • Give pupils a greater sensitivity to the feelings of others
  • raise self-esteem
  • Develop good behaviour based on self-discipline
  • generate an ethos that is calm, happy and purposeful
  • raise achievement and standards

“The culture and ethos of the school encourages a caring and supportive environment in which learning and good behaviour can flourish.”