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KS2 & KS3 Nurture


Our Nurture provision focuses on small, safe and structured classes where pupils develop:

• emotional and social skills
• a sense of achievement
• positive attitudes and raise self esteem

The Heights Nurture Provision offers a short term focused intervention strategy, which addresses barriers to learning arising from social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties in an inclusive manner.

The provision has the benefit of small class sizes, enabling intense input from the staff. The provision provides a safe and structured environment in which students are given opportunities to develop emotionally and socially. We build on and develop student’s strengths and interests in order to cultivate a sense of achievement and success. Within the provision we encourage the development of positive attitudes, social skills and raise self-esteem. We work closely with mainstream schools providing specialised programs for pupils who;

• are having difficulty attending lessons.
• would benefit from accessing the different programs we offer.
• are withdrawn and unresponsive and who have difficulty relating to others.
• would benefit from a nurturing environment.

Anger Management

These sessions will be aimed at young people who are experiencing difficulty in managing their anger. The focus will be on helping young people to identify and recognise their triggers and then support them in developing strategies to manage problems that they may be regularly experiencing.

Emotional Wellbeing

These sessions will give students the opportunity to enhance their social and emotional awareness. Activities will be aimed at exploring emotions, raising self-esteem, positive thinking, appropriate behaviours and attitude, as well as developing team building skills.

Social / Life Skills

These sessions will help young people develop self esteem, confidence, a sense of achievement and the skills to begin to form positive relationships with peers and adults. Pupils will also be encouraged to be aware of other relevant issues (e.g. Drugs, alcohol, and bullying) and to be aware of appropriate behaviour in different settings.


Teaching pupils to read fluently is a big focus in our provision. Pupils are encouraged to read daily which develops their confidence and enjoyment in reading. During their placement, pupils’ reading attainment is assessed and gaps are addressed quickly and effectively for all pupils.

Literacy / Numeracy

All students will access both literacy and numeracy. Whilst a student is attending the provision, they will still have the same opportunities as their peers. By working closely with mainstream schools we will help target areas the students would benefit in accessing extra support.

Personal Safety

These sessions will be designed to stimulate discussion and draw out young people’s fears, prejudices and concerns. Our vision is to increase a young person’s ability to express and understand their feelings, make informed choices and solve problems, and to help young people develop a strong sense of their wellbeing and awareness of their own safety.

Marjorie Boxall Quality Award

The Heights Nurture Provision is proud to be an accredited member of the nurture group network. Achieving the Quality Mark Award acknowledges high standards and an excellent nurturing curriculum are present within the provision, and that the nurture provision is of the highest quality in its approach to meeting the needs of all its students.

How long does a student attend?

Students can attend full time or part time, initially for 6 weeks. At the end of this period a placement review meeting is organised, if a student is ready to return to mainstream school, there is the option of a phased reintegration. Alternatively, placements can be extended for a longer period and reviewed every 6 weeks.

How will parents / carers be involved?

We understand the importance of keeping parents / carers informed at all stages of the process. Your child’s school will consult with you initially to discuss your child attending the provision. Next staff within the provision will contact you and arrange a home visit / or for you and your child to visit the provision.

When your child starts within the nurture provision, staff within the provision will regularly contact you by phone and text to keep you updated and informed about your child’s progress. Also a weekly report is sent out to you each week, giving a brief break down of how your child is doing. We welcome and encourage parents / carers to contact us anytime with worries or concerns about their child.


Each student will be provided (free of charge) with a Heights Nurture Provision jumper, this is to be worn with their school’s shirt / polo shirt underneath, and their school’s trousers / skirts and school shoes.


It is the responsibility of the referring school to decide on transport arrangements. In some circumstances The Heights might be able to assist.

The School Day

Monday – Thursday 8.45am – 2.30pm
Friday 8.45am – 1pm

“The culture and ethos of the school encourages a caring and supportive environment in which learning and good behaviour can flourish.”


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