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At The Heights we believe that every student and member of staff has the right to work and socialise in a safe environment. We must all help to make this possible by recognising our rights and responsibilities:


We have the right We have the responsibility
Not to be bullied in any way Not to take part in bullying and report any bullying we see
To feel safe at school To behave in a reasonable manner which will not put others at risk
To an education and to be able to learn according to our ability Not to make fun of others or prevent anyone from learning
To be treated with respect and without prejudice To respect others in the school community
To have our own opinions heard To let others express their opinion
To expect our possessions to be safe at school Not to interfere with the possessions of others and to report any theft or mistreatment we see
To choose our friends Not to force our friendship on others
To work within a calm and purposeful atmosphere To do nothing that may disturb a calm and purposeful atmosphere
To be given clear and precise guidance by teachers To accept without question the instructions and decisions of the teachers
To have appropriate work explained, set and assessed To complete on time all classwork and homework given
To be treated fairly and with respect To treat everyone else with fairness and respect

“The culture and ethos of the school encourages a caring and supportive environment in which learning and good behaviour can flourish.”


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