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At The Heights Blackburn the science curriculum will empower learners of all backgrounds and circumstances. The knowledge gained in science acts as a springboard for all pupils to have a richer appreciation of the world around them, an increased capability to overcome challenges, and the ability to access and achieve valuable qualifications.  Throughout all key stages we provide opportunities for pupils to apply their knowledge by working scientifically, developing experimental and investigative skills, analysing and evaluating data and information. We believe these skills are vital in ensuring our pupils leave confident in forming their own conclusions and opinions, have a sense of personal responsibility and are able to manage risks in a variety of situations.


Sparking an early curiosity in primary years about the world around our young scientists, building their knowledge and confidence so they can start to make informed opinions and develop an awareness of the science that is all around them; knowledge and skills which they can apply in daily and in later life. At KS2 we offer a holistic approach to acquiring and securing knowledge by aligning the content of the science national curriculum with the knowledge being taught in English, Maths and their set topic.

Nurture (KS3)

Encouraging students’ natural curiosity in secondary years about the world in which they live and generating an appreciation that every effect has one or more causes. This allows learners to build their knowledge so as citizens they can make sense of natural phenomena, make informed decisions and are prepared returning to their mainstreams or continuing to learn with us at The Heights Blackburn

In the KS3 science curriculum pupils are taught the foundational ‘big ideas’ from each of the three scientific disciplines with the necessary science skills to work scientifically woven throughout.

Year 9 (KS3)

Pupils will be taught a breadth of knowledge across the scientific disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics and what it means to work scientifically. Knowledge and skills are taught according to their hierarchical nature, interleaved across the disciplines to generate natural opportunities for pupils to recall knowledge, ensuring they remember more. Learning approaches are inclusive of the varying needs of our students. We endeavour to teach science using common analogies, worked examples and where possible concrete experience. Including modelling, demonstrations and investigations


At KS4 knowledge from KS3 is built upon, expanding and deepening pupils’ understanding of the world around them, equipping them for success and life beyond school and ensuring they leave us confidently prepared for the next stages of their lives. Our curriculum is structured for the intrinsic spaced recall of prerequisite knowledge which helps students know and remember more. This approach underpins the development of concepts and skills that support students to understand, analyse and evaluate the world around them. Embedded in our curriculum are opportunities to read and discuss current scientific developments and the many science careers available, we have high expectations and aspirations for science and encourage pupils to explore STEM opportunities post-16.

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