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Parental Engagement & Support Statement (2023 – 2024)

“We believe that parental engagement is a crucial component of our comprehensive Careers Education provision. We recognise that parents and guardians play a fundamental role in guiding and supporting their children’s educational and career journeys.

We strive to create an open and transparent channel of communication between the school and parents, where information about our Careers Education curriculum, activities, and resources is readily accessible. We value parents’ insights, experiences, and aspirations for their children’s futures, and we actively seek their input in shaping the direction of our program.

Through regular updates and communication from the Careers Team, we aim to equip parents with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively support their children’s exploration of career pathways. We understand that careers education is a shared responsibility, and by working together, we can provide students with a well-rounded understanding of their options and opportunities beyond school.

Furthermore, we encourage parents to actively engage in discussions about their children’s strengths, interests, and ambitions. By fostering conversations at home that align with the concepts explored in our Careers Education curriculum, we can collectively help students make informed decisions about their future paths.

By collaborating closely, we aim to empower our students to make confident and positive decisions about their education, career aspirations, and personal development. We are committed to nurturing a culture where parents are valued partners in our mission to prepare students for successful and fulfilling futures.”

For Further Information regarding our Provision, click here to see our parent guide to The Heights, Blackburn Careers Provision:

Parent & Carer – Careers Programme Information Leaflet

Who can I speak to regarding my child’s post 16 options?

You can contact the Careers Team via email or phone if you would like further support regarding Careers, Information and Guidance for your child.

Mr Doohan – Careers & Work Experience Lead 

Mrs Hope Holden – Careers Advisor


You can contact the school office on 01254 261655 and a member of the team will get back to you, if you want to arrange an appointment to meet with Mr Doohan or Mrs Hope Holden, this can be arranged by contacting the school office or by emailing Mr Doohan or Mrs Hope Holden Directly with the above emails.

There is further information available regarding Post 16 Options and Providers on our Useful Links page, visit this area for further information and guidance about the local offer for Post 16 in Lancashire.

“The culture and ethos of the school encourages a caring and supportive environment in which learning and good behaviour can flourish.”


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